NRI Legal Services

Non Resident Indians (NRI) or Indian’s settled abroad on a work permit who get entangled into in matrimonial disputes, are often faced with complex situation of divorce, annulment of marriage, child custody and others which leads to consequent legal proceedings.

These people stuck in marital discords have an option of filing divorce case in India. The biggest challenge faced by the couples in such divorce is direct interaction with his or her prospective Divorce Attorney to understand the complex issues of tarns-border divorce cases, NRI Divorce Laws etc. We at Usha Tanna and Associates have the necessary expertise in this area of Divorce which involves NRIs and people settle abroad. We understand that time is the important factor in such cases and as well attending every Court hearings is expensive. We, at Usha Tanna & Associates offers our specialized services and represent the client before the Court. We very well know the nitty-grities of the trade and ensure to keep the minimal attendance of client in Court to one or two during entire proceedings of the case. We have achieved the distinction of getting the Divorce by Mutual Consent via power of attorney and video conferencing which ensure that the contesting parties do need to be present in the Court.

We share the regular updates and proceedings with client about the development of the case be it divorce, annulment, child custody etc. We are just a call away you can even email us, our team will get in touch with you. Our timings are flexible and are custom made to address the issues of NRI Legal Services. Our team of professionals have a very strict and discipline approach to your case as we understand your privacy and the emotions attached with the case. We at Usha Tanna & Associates have achieved immense success in NRI Divorce cases and allied matters. We adopt a very practical and lateral approach to resolve the disputes in the most amicable manner.