Counseling & Mediation

Matrimonial disputes often causes high emotions, feelings low and high as these are close family matters gone astray due to ego, misunderstanding, psychological and other reasons. The most difficult thing is to predict the behavior and the nature of the person. We all have tendency of assuming that, what are we are thinking and doing is correct while others are not. Many a time we try to rationalize things or even try to build logics, we pretend to be a good listener, but most often we are listening to counter the other to score a brownie point, for one-upmanship and to boost our inflated ego. We are many times not listening to understand other’s view point, which may help in getting both side views and resolving the issue. We do not accept we are human and are imperfect in one or more thins, it is said, To Err is Human.

Relationship can work more positively if we understand the perceptions and view points of each other, which we do not most of the time and keep ignoring, which leads to sour relationship, disputes, arguements, fights and then things get way out of the hand. At such time and critical juncture in the life there is a need of a Counselor or mediator who can objectively understand the problem and uderstand the perception of each party and then provide solutions to resolve the issues amicably. These counselor come as a blessing in disguise and save the most beautiful relationship “Marriage” between two raging couples.

There may also be cases, wherein it is manifestly clear that relationship between the husband and wife will never work. Both the spouses have deep abhorrence against each other for various reasons, at these juncture, after fully understanding the pros and cons and the impossibility of reconciliation, the counselor or mediator would recommend for divorce. It is entirely in the hands of spouses that they understand the fact, that divorce is the best remedy in the larger interest, well being of their near and dear ones and good future. In such scenario, the divorce can be worked out in easier manner and have amicable settlement. Every issue can be resolved by talking. Tough decisions like child custody and visits can be discussed, the counselor would take care of your decision and facilitate in reaching amicable solution. Things would happen in more cordial manner and reach to conclusion without any discords and bad blood.

You are saved from acrimonious litigation, saving time, cost and energ. Moreover you walk out releived and can still have healthy relationship with your ex wife or husband.

Thus mediation can work wonders. You are solving your own problem with the little intervention of counselor or mediator. We, at Usha Tanna have vast experience in mediating and resolving various marital discords amicalby, as we belief, Live happily or part amicably.