Divorce Petition Drafting

Divorce Petition Drafting is an important aspect in filing & contesting Divorce case. Half of the case is won on the basis of the sound drafting of the Divorce Petition. Our team of experience legal advisors and lawyers use all their experts to draft a sound Divorce Petition and lay a strong foundation for the entire contested divorce case. Divorce case invovles lot of complexity with lot of hardcore emotions flowing from both the parties and extended familiies, personal battles are fought in the Court. Hence it is imperative to draft well researched and documented Divorce Petition. Effective Divorce Petition drafting takes lot off efforts, involves lot of care, concern and consciousness, ensuring the balancing of the legal and personal interest of the client.

Our years of experience leads to one conclusion that each case is different and so are the issues involved in each different divorce case. While drafting divorce Petition, it is very important to have all the issues arising out of real circumstances and facts are taken into consideration, so that it should give one never ending and clinching evidence that the divorce pleading is based on true facts and is not a divorce petition template or one general standard form of Divorce Petition.

Our team of experts are well versed of the laws regarding divorce and constant and perennial development related to divorce laws in India and thus all are Divorce Petition draftings conforms to the legal requirements of the case.

You can rely on our experience team in getting divorce Petition drafted which echoes your true stand in the case.